WAR2 Servers List
[EventsHaaalloweeeen (2010-10-27)
[EventsEvent: Happy April Day! (2010-3-31)
[EventsProject: A Veterans Memories ONLINE! (2010-3-31)
[EventsThe holiday is over and the war is com… (2010-1-7)
[EventsDiamonds prizes for Article Contest on… (2010-1-5)
[EventsTurkey Hunting for Thanksgiving (2011-11-18)
[EventsEaster Egg Hunt 2011 (2011-4-19)
[EventsGet the best set of Gear in the best h… (2010-12-21)
[EventsTurkey Hunting for Thanksgiving (2010-11-15)
[EventsV-J Day Events: Victory at last (2010-8-14)
[EventsEvent: 65 Years Ago (2010-7-16)
[EventsFIFA Event: Root for your favorite tea… (2010-6-25)
[EventsNew Feature: Special Fields Online! (2010-6-23)
[EventsWW2 Heroes Released on S2, S3 and S4 T… (2010-5-5)
[EventsHappy Holidays and Surprise Everyday!!… (2009-12-21)
[EventsOrder more, get MUCH MUCH MORE… (2009-11-19)
[Events7 FREE Rookie Packages (2009-11-19)

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