WAR2 Servers List
[NewsGuide on Generals (2012-11-6)
[NewsLv.80 Awaits! (2012-11-5)
[NewsTRAIN YOUR OWN HERO!!! (2012-10-16)
[NewsLv.40 Equipment Is Coming (2012-9-18)
[NewsThe New Equipment Set System is Coming… (2012-9-4)
[NewsGet the best set of gear In the best h… (2011-12-13)
[NewsA Veteran’s Memories: 1 year anniversa… (2011-3-30)
[NewsWiSTONE Unveils Next Generation of WAR… (2010-12-21)
[NewsLogin issues on s3 and s4 (2010-12-6)
[NewsMaintenance Compensation (2010-11-15)
[NewsEmergent Maintenance (2010-11-14)
[EventsHaaalloweeeen (2010-10-27)
[NewsBuy diamonds and get free Equipment Se… (2010-9-17)
[NewsNew Features: Equipment Set now availa… (2010-9-16)
[NewsElite Missions (2010-5-13)
[NewsApril Gift Pack RESTOCKED! (2010-4-2)
[EventsEvent: Happy April Day! (2010-3-31)
[EventsProject: A Veterans Memories ONLINE! (2010-3-31)
[NewsElite missions launching on S1 today! (2010-3-24)
[Patch NotesPatch Notes(First Season Prize of Unio… (2010-2-1)
[EventsThe holiday is over and the war is com… (2010-1-7)
[EventsDiamonds prizes for Article Contest on… (2010-1-5)
[NewsLv.60 Equipment Is Coming (2012-10-29)
[NewsHappy Valentine’s Day (2012-2-9)
[EventsTurkey Hunting for Thanksgiving (2011-11-18)
[NewsAlliance Campaign on Server E2 is Comi… (2011-10-25)
[NewsThe Weekly Maintenance on Oct. 25th, 2… (2011-10-24)
[NewsBig betting for Big games (2011-5-26)
[NewsClash of Elites II: Countdown (2011-5-24)
[EventsEaster Egg Hunt 2011 (2011-4-19)

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